Easter Travel Log

Published on 24 Apr 2012

We share these travel logs so it might be useful for you to plan your group travel to Siwa.

Group 20 Travel Log

Group 20

Travel to Siwa: reached there round 2am (Friday)


  • 11am Shyata Lake (swimming/lunch)
  • 3pm drive though sand dunes/sandboarding
  • 4pm fresh water (beir wahad) for a swim
  • 6pm set-off to watch sunset on one of the dunes
  • 7pm camping, BBQ dinner, bedouin music party


  • 9am Breakfast
  • 10:30 sightseeing in town (Mountain of the Dead, Oracle Temple, Amun Temple then Cleopatra spring for a swim)
  • 3pm Lunch break
  • 6pm sunset at Fatnas Lake (bedouin tea)
  • 7:30pm Dinner then shopping and free time


  • (Group wanted to divide into two groups)

Group 1 (5 persons):

  • Head back to the desert after breakfast
  • 11:30 Shyata Lake for a swim & lunch
  • 3pm fossils area
  • 4:30 drive through the Great Sand Sea / sandboarding
  • 5:30 fresh water (beir wahad) for a swim
  • 6pm sunset on dunes
  • 7:30 dinner all together then free time nd shopping

Group 2:

  • 10:30 Shali fortress then Siwan house museum
  • 12pm Maraki village / Siwa lake
  • 2pm Abu Shorouf village (swimming and bedouin tea)
  • 3pm lunch in town
  • 6pm sunset on Dakrour Mountain
  • 7:30 dinner all together then free time and shopping

Group 11 travel log

Group 11

(photo credit:jluc)

Travel to Siwa: reached there round 7am (Friday)

Day 1:(Friday)

  • Breakfast at Norwaha
  • Visit Shali Fortress Ruin
  • Swim and chill at Cleopatra Spring
  • Lunch at Abdou
  • Got on 3 jeeps and go Abu Shuruf Spring and swim.
  • Join the desert camp
  • Have awesome dinner and music
  • Stay overnight at desert camp

Day 2:(Saturday)

  • Breakfast at desert camp
  • Visit Shyata lake and swim
  • Have lunch at Shyata lake
  • Try out sand boarding
  • Visit Bir Wahid under strong wind condition. Soak up at the Hot Water spring and then moved to Cold Water Spring.
  • Go back to Camp.
  • Endured 2 hours of rainstorm (very rare and special event)
  • Had awesome dinner.

Day 3:(Sunday)

  • Breakfast at desert camp
  • Go back to Shali and check in at Siwa Paradise Hotel
  • Swim in the two swimming pools in the hotel.
  • Go shopping and roam around the local gardens.
  • Check out sunset at Fatnas Island
  • Had an awesome dinner at Siwa Shali Lodge.
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