Time magazine on Siwa

Published on 16 Mar 2013

“A flyer from the tourist office reads: “Siwa, the world’s first and oldest tourist destination.” Hard to say if that’s true, but Alexander the Great, for one, was enticed to cross the desert to consult an oracle of Amun, who dwelled in this oasis. Populated mostly by Berbers hailing from Libya, Siwa is accessible only by a single asphalt road and has lost none of its isolated charm. Nowadays European jet-setters flock to the Adrère Amellal eco-lodge, a mud enclave without electricity set against the White Mountain. For more social types, the Albabenshal hotel is built into the old fort at the center of town. As light dims, gaze from its rooftop restaurant while calls to prayer and the cries of livestock bring the main square to life. Sunset is silent, however, at Cleopatra’s Bath—a thermal pool in the middle of the dunes, where countless stars carry you to heaven.”


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