Inviting people to Egypt

Published on 07 Apr 2013

It is a hard task trying to persuade that right now is the right time to come visit Egypt amid all the coverage of many negative events happening in the country.

Egypt has always been a chaotic country and it is both part of its charms and problems.

But it is worth reiterating that Egypt is safe to visit. In addition, you will get incredible deals in many places in Egypt. I just returned from Istanbul yesterday and my flight was full of tourists. Most of them are going to the beach resorts area of Egypt and skipping Cairo altogether. It is better than nothing but Cairo is absolutely worth a visit.

Cairo is safe to visit. Siwa is safe to visit. Egypt is safe to visit.

Even better, the Egyptian pound is losing steadily its value against the dollars and euros so you are getting more for your money.

Update: OK, this MSNBC piece of Sharm looks like a holiday propaganda, however the essence of the story is true, Egypt is safe to visit.

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