Going to Siwa by bus from Cairo

Going to Siwa from Cairo is easy, safe and cheap. The downside is that it is quite long (it could take up to 12 hours). The distance between Cairo to Siwa is about 750 – 800 KM (depending where you start in Cairo).

There is a nightly bus to Siwa from Cairo that costs 225LE and departs at 11.00PM although as commonly in Egypt, this can be cancelled at any day for any reason (it is not as bad as it sounds but it does happen from time to time).

The bus station to buy the ticket and board the bus is called Turgoman station or also Cairo Gateway Bus Station. The local use the Turgomen name. Use this name when you call a taxi and direct them.

Turgoman bus station is a large and modern bus station. It looks more like a mall than a normal bus station. You can find shops and other amenities (including clean bathrooms) in the station. The terminal is located at the ground level of the bus station (it is well marked in English and Arabic).

The place to buy ticket is located at the main entrance of the bus station. When you enter the station, you have to go through security checkpoint like the one in airports. Then you will be presented with multiple windows (on the left and right side of the entrance hall) with various bus station companies that go to different destinations in Egypt. The bus company that goes to Siwa is on the left hand side called West Delta.

Turgoman is a modern and convenient bus station (Image Source)

Here you can see more pictures of Turgoman bus station.

How to get to Turgomen Bus Station/Cairo Gateway Bus Station

  • From Zamalek: Call up a taxi and tell him that you are going to Turgomen. The price will be 10LE. If the traffic jam is not so bad, you will reach the station in 15 minutes.
  • From Dokki: Call up a taxi and tell him you are going to Turgomen.The price will be around 12 – 15LE. If the traffic jam is not so bad, you will reach the station in 20 minutes.
  • From Downtown: You can walk. It will take you 20 minutes. If you call a taxi, the price will be around 5LE.

Map of Turgomen Station (Cairo Gateway)

View Turgomen station in a larger map

The bus route to Siwa:

  • The bus will leave the station and do one or two more pickup stop. Then the bus will take to Alexandria Desert Road (this is the road that connects Cairo to Alexandria).
  • Half way in Alexandria Desert Road, the bus will take turn to the north to get to El Alamein road. There may be a pit stop here.
  • Once the bus reach El Alamein city on the north coast of Egypt, it will continue on the coastline to reach the city of Mars Matrouah. The bus will do the a pit stop on this leg of the journey.
  • The bus will stop at Mars Matrouah for a pit stop and to pick up/drop off some passengers. Warning: the bathroom in this stop isn’t clean.
  • From Mars Matrouah the bus will take the desert road to reach Siwa (approx 3.5 hours). There is a single pit stop here.

Recommendation: The further the bus from Cairo, the worse the condition of the bathroom in each pit stop. We recommend bringing torch and wet toilet wipes for the journey. The torch may be needed due to some pit stop bathroom has no light.

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